"In a nutshell, ComicsML attempts to give online comics a way to describe their own content, and in so doing expand their visibility, flexibility, and accessibility in a number of ways." Well, I guess it's a start but it leaves quite a bit to be desired. For starters the DTD does not define a <soundeffect> tag but does include a <bang> tag (as in "!") which is about all you need to know that this was written by a computer geek. Then there's the bit about not being able to define layout, arguing that most comics don't need it. This is not unlike saying that most web pages don't need layout since they're just text. Arguably, you could use stylesheets but I think that most artists would tell you that the formatting and layout of the comic is an integral part of the storytelling and not up for debate. Can you really imagine "reading" work by people like Dave McKean or Dave Sim with a W3C stylesheet? On the other hand, it might be fun to start syndicating weblogs using CML... Meanwhile, Dave Sim has expanded on thoughts first ventured in the Reads series prompting Gail Simone to write Dave Sim's Guide to Getting Chicks
"I dare you to keep reading. Go on. Bet you'll give out before I do. Most people begin bleeding from the eyes somewhere around the section where I use quotes from my own fictional character in my own comic book as evidence to support my convictions."
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