widely jeered at by the Canadian Liberal establishment: George W. Bush, the U.S. President mocked by Jean Chrétien as The Man Who Doesn't Know Where Prince Edward Island Is. But Dubya has the courage of his moronicness: He's cheerfully insouciant about his ignorance of PEI's map co-ordinates. More to the point, he's not so pathetic that, if a Globe reporter suggested to him that P.E.I. was just south of Hawaii, he'd rush to agree and claim that he'd whiled away his childhood reading about Anne of Green Gables in her grass skirt amusing the natives of Avonlulu with her hula-hula dance. When Bush makes a "gaffe" -- media-speak for a matter that no normal person cares a whit about -- he shrugs it off. After he was overheard calling a New York Times reporter a "major-league asshole" ... he declined to apologize to the guy on the reasonable grounds that he meant it." Maybe so, but it's also not very hard to imagine Dubya saying the word "avonlulu".