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Paul Bausch : I would speak softly to Blogger when no one was around.

"Ev and I spent a week drawing on the whiteboard and furiously coding this new thing. We used a lot of existing Pyra code. And the existing stuff code. Once I really got into it, it wasn't as simple as I had imagined. He insisted on calling it Blogger. (I didn't really like that name very much. But then I'm pretty boring. I would have called it Remote Update Weblog Script or something.) When we were finished, there it was: stuff for others." This is the story I've always wanted to hear. Despite the fact that both here and in private I've voiced some pretty strong opinions on the real, and imagined, shortcomings of Blogger, I'm sorry to see things turn out the way they have. I would have voted for the Universe being kinder to all those involved.

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OpenInteract sounds like a Perl-ified Zope ←  → mmmmm...recursive web applications.