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Friday, January 12 2001

Perlmonks : Perl Soap

"Imagine a web site that keeps itís viewers ensconced with same style of drivel that funds your daytime television time:

ďOh bob. Ií m sorry. I just canít go through with this fake marriage to your recently discovered twin brotherís half sister. Maybe itís the fact Iím carrying the police chefís baby. Maybe itís because Iím in love with a part time game show host who enjoys painting and rather nasty bouts of homicide.Ē

Now Iím just talking about the usual array of Chomsky based sentence generators. Lets finally put some of those funky technologies like neural networks, b-spline trees and the word antepenultimate to use and produce a fully functional, living, breathing soup bowl of pixilated drama. Who could miss the heart warming production of a brand new bouncy Soap::Person->Baby. Be there when it says its first pre-generated ĎGoos and Gaasí from the Soap::Speak archives to itís proud Soap::Person->Parent." see also : dict antepenult

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