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The Conway Channel : It may say "yawnoC namiaD" on my door,

but that don't mean I'm always backward. Before he could open his yap, I let him have it: "What's your beef, tough guy?", I spat. He was a New Zealander, so I knew he was more likely on the lamb. He chewed on the question like it was some proteinaceous metaphor. Then he drawled: "I gotta bone to pick with you, Conway!". He swung my other chair round backwards and straddled it. My estimation of him went up a notch: my other chair's a La-Z-Boy. "It's about yer website," he grunted. "It's hurting my cones!". Although, there is no mention of it on the yapc site itself, Damian Conway's calendar indicates he will be in Montreal in June for this year's YAPC::America::North conference. Woohoo!

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