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Saturday, December 16 2000

Dave Winer : "So, one might ask, why have weblogs bloomed and directories haven't?

It's because directories require better editing tools than weblogs. It's easy to drop a note into a bin called "today". I do not buy the "better tools" argument. Capital-D Directories and capital-W Weblogs are, when you get right down to it, glorified representations of the same thing : the Netscape bookmarks file we all know and love. Every entry has a unique id, a parent id and a next id : permalink, date and position. Every entry has a title, a URL and a description or, to use proper industry jargon, pithy commentary. And although I don't think I've ever used it, the concept of aliasing bookmarks across multiple folders...I mean directories, is essentially categorization. Companies like Userland or DigiCool (Zope) are probably in a better position, vis a vis technology, do to this because they both use object databases. You might be able to argue that Zope that an ease of use edge since every object is just a Python object which can in turn can have a arbitrary number of "properties" but the depth of my real understanding is pretty shallow here. The problem that both have is mapping all this whiz-bang stuff to the browser and the crufty old <form> paradigm. Maybe once we have real DHTML compatibility, it will be possible to recreate the metaphor across the network but by then the JavaScript FileIO classes might not seem so scary. And then...well, then you'll just be able to update your bookmarks file automagically.

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