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Todd Gitlin : "Behind the masquerade, there is a muted war going on.

It is the latest episode of the social-cultural civil war of the Sixties. It is, indeed, "a war for the soul of America," in the 1992 words of one of its most passionate exponents and unwitting recipient of thousands of Jewish votes in Palm Beach County. It is back in earnest and with a vengeance. On one side, Mr. Gore is Bill Clinton with the polish peeled away. (No wonder he acts wooden.) Mr. Clinton is the walking, talking personification of everything conservatives hated about the Sixties: the smart-talking, Ivy-Leaguing, draft-dodging, non-inhaling, person-of-colour-loving, gay-embracing, Hillary-marrying, sumbitch who not only got the girls, he had the gall to win. And on the other side, in the person of the easy-schmoozing, empty suit George W. Bush -- a candidate sufficiently rightish to gladden their hearts, and sufficiently raffish to make the Republicans look like the Party of Fun, but at the same time sufficiently mealy-mouthed to win -- their very own Bill Clinton."

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