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Scot Hacker : "No, Be isn't getting back into the hardware business.

Rather, Aura is a "reference platform" -- a sample implementation of a networked, home-stereo MP3 recording and playback unit, meant to be adopted by OEMs and vendors who will customize, manufacture, and distribute devices to the consumer audio market. ... . Part of the magic of Aura is that it's networked, both to the world at large and to the rest of the home. As a result, it could be capable of retrieving MP3s from sources like, or from record labels. It also could be capable of looking up inserted CDs in online music databases like the cddb, and of sending separate audio streams to various rooms in the house simultaneously. Audio could originate from standard CDs, from data CDs containing MP3 tracks, from MP3 "radio" sources like icecast or live365, or MP3s stored in the unit's own storage system."

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