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The Globe and Mail on "Renaissance Man" Paul Greenlaugh

Mr. Greenlaugh is the new president of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, although the article seems to spend more time reliving the glory days of Garry Kennedy. Some items not mentioned in the article : During the last "official" president's tenure it was as much the students as the faculty that drove her away. Whether this was a good thing or not is another story; one thing is sure, she had *no* idea how to talk to twenty year old art students full of piss and vinegar. Eric Fischl is still hated and generously slagged by the painting faculty. The story goes that Garry Kennedy managed to secure the current location after making a very convincing argument that the school should, in fact, be housed on an old aircraft carrier that was then anchored in the harbour. The guy who ran the print shop and printed the "I will not make any boring art" print now does now does all his work on the web and is one of the best teachers I've ever had. He is also the guy who saved this print when, after a almost two months of work and a second all-nighter of etching, I discovered that I hadn't grained the biggest stone in the department evenly.

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