"In Montreal, only Schwartz's is capable of warning us of the horror that could be coming our way. So, if you should drive past and see a FERMÉ/CLOSED sign in the window, start your cars, Montrealers. Quit town. The end is nigh." To his long list of accolades, Mr. Richler can now add the much sought after and prestigious Aaronland Shut the Fuck Up Award. This is either just incoherent gibberish about a couple of professional sports teams or nostalgic pining for the olden days when everything was better; atleast better than it is now. Worst case, it is both. The 60's and 70's are over, kids. Montreal and Quebec are different places now, and we don't all think singing Gens du pays or going to the pubs on Crescent Street will solve all our problems.