People are making the same arguments about the Cube that they made about the iMac before it actually shipped. Do you remember how everyone bitch moaned about what lame specs the iMac had -- and still does -- relative to new PCs, not to mention new Macs? These things are *not* about specs. Desktop machines have reached the point, for the time being, where they have far more computrons than people ( the ones who don't sit in front of their computers all the time, with lives ) need or even care about. They are about being blue and having mice that fit perfectly in the hands of seven year olds. It is about owning a product that you imagine having the same cultural and design longevity as those fifties stainless steel car toasters. With the exception of the Performa Years, Apple has always understood that better than anyone else. The hockey pucks suck, they really do, but they'll be all the rage when the kids who've grown up with them hit their thrities. The Cube is the same thing, just for a different crowd. It's called lifestyle porn.