is an experience that no recitation of the specs can possibly describe. Almost totally smooth except for the ports and vent, the Cube could almost pass as a paperweight on most users' desks. But because of its excellent digital audio capabilities, ability to play DVD-quality movies either off of DVD discs or by using QuickTime streaming via a high-speed connection to the Internet, the Cube is just as likely to end up in the home entertainment center. Combine it with an array of third-party USB-based peripherals, and you could easily see the Cube becoming the tiny translucent center of a audio/video/web surfing/game-playing system to make the most hard-core digital convergence naysayer fall to his knees and beg forgiveness." I think Apple deserves to bask in the sun, atleast for the day. They may still be scum suckers, like all the rest, but they give better head than anyone else out there.