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St. Laurent and Guilbault

"I've never seen someone that stupid man... You've locked my bike with yours. Page me at 444 at least when it's unlocked. Please. Sincerement, je suis désolé et tellement distrait. Toutes mes excuses." Apparently it's Bike Week in Montreal. My experience of Bike Week is that it's the one time of the year that the police enforce bicycle laws. Years ago, I got stopped for not having reflectors on my bike. I got a warning, was told to buy reflectors and to come down to the station and show the nice police officers. I did the first but not the second and a couple years later when I finally got my drivers license I was told that it couldn't be issued since it had already since it had already been revoked. Pity the poor souls who have to push this kind of red tape. My tiny bicycle infraction had mushroomed into a couple hundred dollars worth of fines (one for each wheel, no less.) Pity the poor soul who had to find the original ticket when I went to pay it.


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