"Dr. Lincoln Stein, part of the project at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York, is exploring how to use Napster-style automated resource discovery to enable scientists to publish their discoveries in the genome. The reason Stein and other experts are so excited is that Napster turns the prevailing computer technology of client-server on its side. ... 'We've been stuck in a client-server paradigm for many, many years. People who had stuff to share had to learn arcane knowledge, like FTP, static IP addresses - there were a lot of technical hurdles. The beauty of this system is, it does automatic resource discovery. Napster publishes the route to the user's information. Not just the IP address, which may change, but the port.' " If you didn't already think that Lincoln Stein was cool enough for having written CGI.pm, he's also written MP3::Napster.pm (requires threaded Perl).