"The papers paint a complex picture of how the suit alleges the gallery took control of the most minute aspects of [Francis] Bacon's financial and personal life -- to the point of paying his laundry bills and handing him spending money -- and then used this grip to deprive him of the true value of his work. According to the lawsuit, the Marlborough connection continued after his death, when a director of Marlborough's London gallery was named an executor of his estate and ran it to the detriment of Bacon's sole heir, John Edwards..." It's the last bit that makes me wonder; the rest of it, if you believe all the other stories about Bacon, sounds like it would have been much to his liking. If you ever have the opportunity to see this painting, even if it is the only Bacon in a group show, go go go. I first saw it at the Hirshhorn's Bacon retrospective. I came around the side of a baffle wall and the painting was hung in such a way that it occupied my entire field of vision. The colours and the forms are gripping enough but then there's the bit on the left of the center panel...well, just go see it.