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Adbusters : Vandalism is Art

"Vandalism is a kind of parasitism born from the essence of millennial western civilization. In our current culture we stand fractured, manipulated by technology and commercial interests. Marketers assign meaning to clothing, cars, furniture, even food; we choose our meanings with our products, simultaneously creating and eradicating our sense of our selves. We are commercial projects of meaning. We are host organisms and commodity culture is the parasite. We are vandalized objects - bent, warped, covered with markings we can't honestly say we chose by free will. Sapped of community and humanity, we have come to believe that we depend on our parasite for identity." I'm not sure I really agree with all of this, but the Invasion of the Body Snatchers language cracks me up. One day, I noticed that a friend had a small card in her office that read "Yelling is an act of violence" (ugh.) While she wasn't looking, I quickly covered it with a new card that read "I need a more suitable host body."

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