"Such is life in the liver wars. At a time when human organs, particularly livers, are in short supply, the skirmish in Iowa provides a window into a national feud over the Clinton administration's plan to require that donated hearts, lungs, livers, kidneys and pancreases go to the sickest patients first, rather than those who live closest to the organ donors. The debate polarized Congress at the end of its last session and is expected to resume when the lawmakers return in January." I took a philosophy class on reason ( I quickly dubbed it "Teaching artists to be reasonable") where we read a couple of pieces by John Harris. He is a master as making perfectly reasonable and compelling arguments for things that would otherwise never agree to. Specifically, the idea of killing one healthly person to service two in need to life-saving organ transplants. It was enlightening and terrifying to see where people's arguments against the practice would break down in to sputters of "yeah...but...but..."