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"netomat is a meta-browser that engages a different Internet - an Internet that is an intelligent application and not simply a large database of static files. netomat dialogues with the net to retrieve information that is unmediated and independent in form. With netomat, the user has a dialogue with the Internet. You can ask the net a question using natural language. netomat responds by flowing text, images and audio from the net to your screen. You respond or ask further questions or write keywords and the flow of data to your desktop is altered in response. The data is not constrained by a web page or site but free floating and independent. netomat can retrieve almost all types of data that resides on the Internet: jpegs, gifs, aiff, wav, html, xml and plain text. netomat dialogues with you as well. It memorizes your session to further enable your search and exploration of the Internet." Available for download at 17:00 EST. Requires Java.

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