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NAME - display Flickr photos based on your current location

     Phone > My own > Python > Options > Run script >

    locatr is a Series 60 Python application to display Flickr photos based
    on your current location (using a GPS device).

    locatr will try to connect to a Bluetooth enabled GPS device and ask it
    for its current location.

    From there is will build a bounding box and query Flickr for recent
    photos taken there.

    Once it has a list of photos it will display them on your phone's


    As of version 0.2 locatr is also able to determine your location by
    passing your device's cell tower information to the ZoneTag celltower
    web service and then on through Yahoo's geocoder API.

    This feature is fully functional but due to circumstances requires some
    up-front legwork by users. See below for details.

  Show me photos!
    Ask the GPS device and Flickr for a fresh set of coordinates and photos,

    This menu item is also bound to the left arrow key.

  Next photo
    Advance to the next photo in the list.

    This menu item is also bound to the right arrow key.

  Open photo
    View the current photo on the Flickr website.

    This menu item is also bound to the up arrow key.

  Pair with GPS device
    Configure a new GPS device for collecting location data.

  Enable verbose mode
    Display debugging and progress information.

  Disable verbose mode
    Do not display debugging and progress information.

    In order to use the ZoneTag (ZT) API support, you will need to register
    with ZT for application and user tokens. You should know now that this
    will be painful for two reasons :

    *   ZT does not yet have a handy web interface for registering tokens.
        They are working on it but in the meantime you will need to contact
        the nice ZT people by email and request tokens.

    *   The tokens are long and composed of gibberish and you will need to
        enter them (in locatr) by hand. Once the ZT people have decided how
        they will handle registrations.




  Series 60 Python

    Will this work with Python for Series60 3 / Symbian 9 ? Probably not but
    I haven't really poked at it very much yet.

  PDIS Python extensions

    (Specifically the XML/XPath-y bits)

  A Bluetooth enabled GPS device
    As seen on TV!
    This is part of the standard locatr distribution. You will need to copy
    it your phone "by hand" and install as a Python library.


    $Date: 2006/09/29 18:53:54 $

    Aaron Straup Cope

    Ha ha ha. Probably.

    Copyright (c) 2006 Aaron Straup Cope. Perl Artistic License.

    This is free software, you may use it and distribute it under the same
    terms as Perl itself.